Pakistan challenges ICJ’s jurisdiction to hear Jadhav’s case


THE HAGUE, Netherlands: Pakistan on Monday challenged the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to hear the case of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. 

Responding to Indian charges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Pakistan has said it would not be cowed down by terrorists and would utilise all legal means to safeguard its people and soil.

Jadhav had confessed to committing terrorism in Pakistan and in this connection India had been provided with the copy of passport recovered from Jadhav.

While presenting Islamabad’s stance on death sentence handed to Jadhav in the (ICJ, DG South Asia and Saarc Dr Faisal said India had kept silence over the issue of passport recovered from the Indian agent. The passport had a Muslim name. Jadhav had already confessed to causing damage to Pakistan.

He said the Indian high commission was informed about the arrest of commander Kulbhushan. The ICJ should watch the confessional video of Jadhav, he observed.

Indian media had wrongly presented the ICJ letter, he mantained.

Later, Pakistan’s counsel in the case, Khawar Qureshi prayed to the court to reject the Indian petition. He said the Jadhav’s case was not that of emergency nature. The case does not meet the criteria to be heard in the ICJ. The Indian petition contains so many flaws.

He observed the Indian spy could not be granted consular access. Qureshi added that Jadhav had been awarded death sentence according the law. Pakistan had already provided India solid proofs of Jadhav’s involvement in terror activities in Islamabad.

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