Gunshots fired in Paris Orly Airport, evacuation underway

File photo courtesy Reuters.

Gunshots fired Saturday in Paris Orly Airport and a suspected attacker was reportedly killed by soldiers patrolling the airport, while evacuation of the terminals and a police operation are underway.

A man was reportedly killed after trying to seize weapon of soldier guarding the airport. The man fled into a shop at the airport before he was shot dead, an interior ministry spokesman told media. He said there were no people were wounded in the incident.

All flights from and to Orly were suspended. The airport and all aircraft is being scanned to make sure there aren’t any explosives.

The French National Police confirmed in a tweet that an ongoing police operation is underway in Orly, and urged people to not to cross the security perimeter and follow the instructions.

In a similar incident, a machete-wielding attacker was shot and seriously injured by soldiers guarding the entrance of Paris landmark Louvre Museum on Feb. 03.

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