CNG stations reopened after 37 days in Punjab, Islamabad


Lahore: CNG stations in Punjab and Islamabad, which have been closed for 37 days, have been reopened.

However, the CNG stations will get gas for only 12 hours and gas supply will be cut off again at 6 pm.

According to Fayyaz Paracha, central leader of CNG Association, due to shortage of gas in severe cold, supply to CNG stations was suspended for 37 days. Gas was being supplied to domestic consumers by stopping supply to CNG stations.

He hoped that the CNG sector would import LNG itself next winter and its business would continue uninterrupted.

Sui Northern Gas Company says that the supply of gas to CNG stations will continue till 6 pm.

In Sindh, gas supply to CNG stations has started after 6 days due to which long queues of vehicles have formed at CNG filling stations.