Nab will have to closed: Saleem Mandviwalla


Islamabad: Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Maandviwalla said that Shehzad Akbar should not interfere in the work of parliament, NAB was formed to encounter corruption, not to interfere in private businesses, whereas, the problem is not at the end of political government, but with the functioning of institutions.

During media talk deputy chairman said that there was not even a single day when there were no calls to be received regarding NAB. NAB was not established to check buy and sell of plots but to check the corruption and now NAB should be closed.

Deputy Chairman further told that, when talks were held with Human Rights Organizations about NAB, they said that Pakistan will be dis-reputed, NAB is violating the Human Rights.

Chinese ambassador said that they will not enter in any agreement until the end of NAB,He added.