Rasheed fears coronavirus spread through PDM rallies in country

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that there is a fear of spreading coronavirus and terrorism in the country through rallies.
During the media briefing here on Saturday, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan replied to the opposition that NRO could not be given to anyone at anycost. He also said that terrorist organizations could do anything to erupt a civil war.
Rasheed further said that conspiracies were being hatched to destabilize Pakistan but the Pakistan Army were behind the democratic government. The federal minister said that he was warning the opposition that they would regret.Even if the sun rises from the west, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari and Fazlur Rehman have no place.
Sheikh Rasheed said that Fazlur Rehman has only 9 seats.
He added that Maulana Fazlur Rehman is using the religion card, Nawaz Sharif will never come back, the army has a key role in the integrity and survival of Pakistan. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was not aware of the treason case.