Follow these steps to avoid coronavirus


KARACHI: The coronavirus has so far claimed over 3,000 lives worldwide.

The virus had originated from Chinese city of Wuhan and its cases have emerged so far from North Korea, the US, Japan, India, Pakistan, Italy and several other countries.

Given below are few precautionary measures to avoid this deadly virus:

Regularly wash your hands with soap/senitiser for at least 10 seconds.

Avoid close contact with a patient of flu and cough and wear a facemask. Early symptoms of coronavirus have been identified as respiratory, cough and fever problems.

To protect other people from germs, while sneezing/coughing must cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your hand.

During a visit to cattle market in the area where coronavirus has been detected, avoid contact with animals.

Don’t eat under-cooked meat while the raw meat must be handled carefully with the view to prevent contamination.