PM Nawaz vows to make Gwadar the best port in the World


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday vowed to make Gwadar port the best port in the world on the same footing as the rival middle eastern duty free ports.

Speaking in Pakistan’s National Assembly, PM Nawaz Sharif said that all important project needs new laws as the government wishes to make the port better than all the rivals in the world.

“We wish to make Gwadar better than Dubai and Hong Kong ports”, Nawaz Sharif told the Speaker.

Sharif also vowed to end the power load shedding in three years from now.

While replying to an allegation by an opposition member, he maintained that he has no information  about an 18 hour long load shedding schedule in Pakistan.

Replying to points raised by Nawab Ali Wassan of PPP in his budget speech, the Prime Minister said the work on Hyderabad-Karachi section of Lahore-Karachi Motorway has begun.

He assured that work on Hyderabad-Sukkur section will also be completed. In KPK, the work on Hazara Motorway is going on rapidly.

PM claiemd taht the PML-N government is working on these projects as a national duty and expressed the confidence that these projects will be completed during the next three years.

He reminded all thath the Coastal Highway from Gwadar to Karachi was also constructed by the PML-N government.