Rasheed claims Shehbaz gave Rs7.5m to NAB in 2000


Islamabad: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid rejected the opposition’s objection to the head of the Broadsheet Committee.

He said that in the next few months, the issue of Broadsheet is going to become Panama II, asding the real issue is Broadsheet, this issue will surround the opposition.

Sheikh Rashid said that PML-N’s property of Rs85 million to Rs100 million could come in the broadsheet.

The Home Minister said that if Azmat Saeed is not included in the Broadsheet Committee, should Malik Qayyum be made the head of the committee?

He said that Azmat Saeed has read Volume 10 of Panama JIT.

The home minister also claimed that Shahbaz Sharif had given Rs7.5 million to the NAB in the year 2000.