Greed of property,son killed his own father


Lahore: Father  was killed by his own son for the greed of  property,police arrested the other suspects including the accused son.

According to details,a trader named Ramzan was shot dead few months ago,the police detects the blind murder of victim Ramzan.

Police said that,the case was filed on the complaint of his son Adnan,the investigating officer traced the killers with the help of  CCTV footage and other evidence of the crime scene.

When the accused Adnan was initially investigated then he revealed the  secret and made the  confession,police added.

Accused confessed that,he hired two killers to kill his father for Rs.12 lakh,he also said that he had given advance of Rs.5 lakhs.

Police took immediately action and arrested both the killers and the police has recovered the weapon which was used in the murder.

Police also said that the accused bought a pistol of Rs.35,000 which  was used in killing of accused Adnan’s father.