PIA cancels flights as Saudi Arabia bans flights for 1 week


Islamabad: The PIA has canceled 18 flights to Saudi Arabia today (December 21) due to a ban on foreign flights by the Kingdom due to the second wave of Coronavirus.

According to PIA spokesperson, PK-9739 and 9760 Multan, Jeddah and Lahore were canceled while Lahore Jeddah Lahore, Islamabad Dammam Islamabad, Lahore Dammam Lahore, Karachi Madina and Madina Karachi were also canceled.

Besides, Lahore to Madina, Madina to Karachi, Madina to Multan and Karachi to Jeddah Karachi have also been canceled.

According to the PIA spokesperson, the flights will be canceled till the flight permits are obtained again and the affected passengers will be accommodated as soon as the flights are restored.