War drum has risen,Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.


Lahore: Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that the war drum has risen.

Railway Minister said during media talk that, Nawaz Sharif’s politics will no longer come to Pakistan, but his political funeral will come from London.

He said that 11 parties had to come up with the same result that I had already told. The PDM rally was the most unsuccessful event, even though billions of rupees were spent on it.

Rasheed also said that for a year you have to remained silent so that Maryam would be allowed to go to London.Keep in mind that governments do not fall through meetings and rallies.

Sheikh Rasheed furher said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is grateful that he listens to everything, Shahzad Akbar told that Shahbaz Sharif’s meetings are being held and when he mentioned two meetings, there was a storm in the country.

Rasheed also acknowledged that there was inflation and poverty

Steps are being taken to improve the railway, online booking of freight trains has been started today. Giving good news for the health card soon. He added

Railway minister briefly said that India showed live Nawaz Sharif’s speech. Altaf Hussain does not get live coverage in India but Nawaz Sharif got it and Nawaz Sharif was playing a global game against the Pakistan army.