Plane crash probe being misled to save ‘real culprits’, says PALPA


KARACHI: The Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PAPLA) alleged that the probe into the Karachi plane crash was being conducted in wrong direction to save real culprits.

A spokesman for PALPA said that there a question mark on not informing the pilot about the touching of the plane’s engine with the runway whereas allotting a long route for an emergency landing is also questionable.

He said that a wrong impression was being created by mixing the details of the first and second landing.

The PALPA spokesman alleged that the real culprits were being saved by conducting the probe in wrong direction.

On Tuesday, a team of Airbus, the world’s largest airline manufacturing company, had arrived to investigate the Karachi plane crash from France.

The 11-member team comprising technical advisors had visited the site of the plane crash near Karachi airport.

Sources said that the French team visited the Karachi airport runway 25-L where the plane had attempted to land without opening its landing gear.

Last week, a PIA’s flight number 8305 crashed minutes before landing in Karachi’s Model Colony area.

The plane coming from Lahore was carrying about 98 passengers and crew members.

Senior journalist and director programming of Channel 24 Ansar Naqvi was also onboard the PIA plane.