Lockdown hinders Sindh tax collection target: Chawla


Karachi: The Excise and Taxation and Narcotics Control Department of Sindh has collected a total of Rs.64418.812 million in taxes from July 2019 to April 2020 in the current financial year as against Rs60547.812 millions were collected last year during same period.

According to the details, Rs5337.790 million was collected in motor vehicle tax, Rs 52411.278 million in infrastructure and Rs 487.165 million in professional tax. Rs 203.200 million in cotton fee , Rs 1822.619 million in property tax. Rs. 59.977 million in entertainment duty and the rest in other taxes.

Meanwhile, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, the Sindh Minister for Excise and Taxation & Narcotics Control Department & Parliamentary Affairs has said in a statement that the lockdown has reduced the collection of taxes and the Sindh Excise Department has taken steps to facilitate tax payers, introducing Online Management System.

Chawla further said that online management system has been introduced to provide protection against Coronavirus. Under this system vehicle registration, transfer and other taxes can be deposited.

He said that the health advisory issued by the Sindh government for the prevention of coronavirus was being strictly followed in the offices of the Excise Department of Sindh and on website of the Excise Department http: //taxportal.excise.gos.pk the interested taxpayers might register themselves by visiting it .

Chawla said that those who are interested in filing taxes should immediately take advantage of the online management system.