Common strategy require to tackle anti-Islam propaganda: Sirajul Haq


LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Ameer, Senator SirajulHaq has said that Islamic movements requires a common strategy to effectively respond to the propaganda against Islam and Islamic forces.

The JI chief said that issues of Islamic nation will not resolve until than leaders of Islamic nations will not pay attention.

Senator SirajulHaq said that genocide of Muslims continue in Kashmir, Palestine and Burma adding that Muslims blood is being shed around the globe.

Senator SirajulHaq said that Muslim mosques, communities and madrassas being targeted in occupied areas. Innocent children, women, even aged and handicap were treated in the same way, he added.

Commenting on execution of JI Bangladesh leaders, in Bangladesh the Islamic leadership is being hanged while thousands of male and female workers locked in jails.

He said till Islamic movements form common strategy, these problems wouldn’t be resolved.

JI Ameer stressed that leaders of the Islamic world should be reminded with their duties and this is only possible when masses stand shoulder to shoulder with such movements.

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