Important decisions to be made in next 3 to 5 days: Sheikh Rasheed


ISLAMABAD: Former federal interior minister Sheikh Rasheed in a video message before participating in the long march called today an important day.

In a statement issued on Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed said that the nation has come out united under the leadership of Imran Khan. Today is an important day in Pakistan’s politics and important decisions will be made in the next 3 to 5 days.

Criticizing the government, he said: “The fugitives who sometimes take refuge in Saudi Arabia, sometimes flee to London under the pretext of illness, sometimes get caught in court and are shocked when it comes to the great and deadly forces in Pakistan.” They use vulgar language for, they lick the shoes for their power, it means they lose their feet, they use vulgar language for the great forces in Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed said that now Pakistan is going to be a nation. We have to adopt the path of peace and in such a world the great forces of Pakistan and the great judiciary have a great responsibility because it is a nuclear. There is a country which is being destroyed by incompetent people under conspiracy, he said.