Saudi Arabia: Pakistani baker distributing free roti in Ramazan for 32 years


RIYADH: A Pakistani baker (nanbai) has been distributing free bread (roti) every Ramazan in Hail city for the last 32 years.

According to Saudi media, the Pakistani citizen set a new example of good deeds in Ramazan. The hardworking Pakistani is a baker and supports himself and his family by selling bread, but he has a very generous heart.

The Pakistani baker has been providing free bread every Ramazan for three decades. For this he also gives money from his earnings while philanthropists also contribute to this cause.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, the Pakistani baker said that he came here 32 years ago and has been making bread since then and started giving out free breads from his first Ramazan in Saudi Arabia.

The Pakistani citizen said that in the beginning few people knew about it, but as it became famous, the number of people taking beards increased. I never had any problem because the number of people taking bread for free increased, then Allah sent benevolent angels.

The Pakistani baker was praised for this service not only by the Saudi media but also by the local Saudi authorities.