PM Shehbaz urges world to undo ‘climate injustice’

I want peace with India and resolution of Kashmir issue: Shehbaz Sharif

UNITED NATIONS: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made a passionate appeal to the world on Friday to undo the ‘climate injustice’ done to countries like Pakistan that make little contribution to global warming and yet face its worst consequences.

In his debut speech at the UN General Assembly, the prime minister also offered an olive branch to India, saying peace in the neighbourhood was necessary for progress and stability in the region.

“Why are my people paying the price of such high global warming through no fault of their own?” Mr Sharif asked.

“Nature has unleashed her fury on Pakistan without looking at our carbon footprint, which is next to nothing. Our actions did not contribute to this.”

Mr Sharif also talked about regional issues, like the Kashmir dispute and Afghanistan, but he remained focused on the sufferings caused by this year’s unprecedented rains and floods.

“As I stand here today to tell the story of my country, Pakistan, my heart and mind have not been able to leave home. No words can describe the shock we are living through or how the face of the country lies transformed,” he said.