Not our traditions’: Asif laments ‘derogatory’ campaign against army


SIALKOT: Lashing out at the “hurtful and derogatory” social media campaign against the army following the recent helicopter crash in which six army officers embraced martyrdom, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said that all limits had been breached, blaming “a person who was imposed upon the nation in 2018” for spoiling the society.

When the news of the army helicopter going missing came, certain people on social media started making derogatory comments. Some of them went to the extent of wishing for the presence of top military leadership on the missing chopper.

Most of those making such comments were apparently from a certain political party, which felt it was hard done by the country’s security establishment.

Without naming any political party, the military’s media wing also took strong exception to the campaign on social media.

“These institutions protect us … in a society there can be differences but one should never use bad language including on social media… these are not our political traditions,”

Without naming former prime minister Imran Khan, Asif said that the nation needed to reflect on who brought the situation to this point. “If the institutions are used against political opponents then it’s fine but when the same institutions act against you there is a problem.”