MQM-P decides to field heavyweights on 9 NA seats in Karachi


KARACHI: MQM Pakistan has decided to field heavyweights for 9 National Assembly seats from Karachi.

MQM Pakistan has directed Mustafa Kamal, Farooq Sattar and Waseem Akhtar to submit nomination papers while Rauf Siddiqui and Khush Bakht Shujaat will also be candidates.

MQM member Abdul Qadir Khanzada, former deputy mayor Arshad Wahra, former member of the National Assembly Sheikh Salahuddin and Shabbir Qaim Khani will also submit their nomination papers.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui will announce the final names of the candidates in the coordination committee meeting.

Earlier, MQM has criticized PTI leaders and said that if their workers are thugs, so why did Imran Khan come to Bahadurabad? If PTI is not loyal to the factory that produces it then how can it respects the MQM?

MQM reacted harshly to the severe criticism of PTI leaders. The spokesperson of MQM Pakistan has said that those who built bridges of MQM’s praises in the past have started to see MQM as terrorists today.

The spokesperson has said that if the workers of MQM Pakistan are thugs, why did Imran Khan visit Bahadurabad? The crutches on which the PTI government was standing till yesterday suddenly became bad in their eyes.

The spokesman of MQM has said that PTI is a product of the factory, if they cannot be sincere to that then how come it respects the MQM. PTI people should give thoughtful statements, now no one will come to help the political management.

The MQM-P leader said that PTI will not get even one of the seats that were given from Karachi in the name of help in 2018. The recent statements of PTI leaders are like a cat scratching the pole.

The MQM-P spokesman further said that the entire leadership of PTI is fed up and frustrated. It is futile to expect political talk from PTI’s non-political magicians.