Minor girl raped, choked to death with rope in Lahore


LAHORE: A nine-years-old girl has been the victim of yet another horrific rape incident on Thursday here.

According to reports, the minor girl named Ayesha was found dead near Lohari Gate after being choked to death with a rope.

According to police, information from the initial post-mortem confirmed that the nine-year-old Ayesha was raped before being tortured and, eventually, choked to death with the use of a rope.

Upon receiving information about the girl’s death, a heavy contingent of police reached the site and, with the help of forensic experts, collected evidence from the murder scene.

Mother of Ayesha, who is in Madina for Umrah, handed over her little daughter to her brothers before leaving for the Holy practice.

Nonetheless, Police have taken the girl’s uncle Tamjeed in custody and have initiated investigation over him.

A first information report (FIR) was also filed. On the event, neighbours claimed that the door of the house was locked from the inside which was later opened by Ayesha’s uncle after he jumped over the wall to open it.

Furthermore, Area’s Counsellor stated the culprits should be given such punishments which create an epic example for all those indulging in such evil deeds.