Imran Khan departs for Islamabad to appear in IHC


Chairman PTI Imran Khan is likely to appear in the judicial complex along with the Islamabad High Court today.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan left Zaman Park in a convoy to appear in the court and his convoy has crossed Kala Shah Kako on the highway.

Imran Khan is likely to apply for bail in cases of vandalism in the judicial complex.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of Islamabad Police says that there is no information regarding Imran Khan’s possible court appearance, Islamabad Police will make security arrangements in the light of court orders.

The police said that if the behavior is adopted as before, the police will adopt the legal method without discrimination.

Police officials say that it has been decided to deploy 2500 personnel around the Islamabad High Court, and the bomb disposal squad team will also be present on this occasion.

According to the police, the security plan has been divided into different sectors, the plan regarding tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon and prisoner van has been finalized.