IMF rejects putting any conditions related to nuclear assets for agreement

Talks between Pakistan and IMF to be resumed

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has denied imposing any condition on Pakistan’s nuclear assets for the Staff Level Agreement.

IMF representative for Pakistan Easter Prez has said in her statement that there is no truth in the speculations related to Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Ester Preez said that there was no discussion about the nuclear program in any agreement between the IMF and Pakistan, the negotiations with Pakistan are only on economic policy.

He said that negotiations with Pakistan are being held to solve economic problems and balance of payments, the focus of the negotiations is to bring macroeconomic and financial stability.

Earlier yesterday, General Michael Korella, head of the US Central Command, said that the US is satisfied with Pakistan’s nuclear program.

American General Michael E. Korelaka while speaking in the House Armed Services Committee said that Pakistan is currently facing budget, economic problems and political tension.

General Michael Corella also said that Pakistan is also facing the challenge of terrorism, after the end of the ceasefire, TTP attacks are increasing in Pakistan.

It should be remembered that a few days ago, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, speaking in the Senate meeting, said that the national interest has to be protected, there will be no compromise on the nuclear or missile program, and no one has the right to tell Pakistan what to do. Range missiles or nuclear weapons.