I have quit telling lies since my mother’s death: Sheikh Rasheed


Islamabad: Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has said that we want to make peace with the institutions on the date of election.

Talking to the media outside the Islamabad High Court, Sheikh Rasheed said that General (R) Bajwa says he did not give an interview. Since my mother died I stopped telling lies, I have not met the former army chief, he said. When I was in college, General (R) Bajwa was my junior, Rasheed added.

The journalist asked Sheikh Rasheed how General (R) Bajwa is a man? On this, the former minister said that he should ask General (R) Bajwa.

Sheikh Rasheed said that Rana Sanaullah, who is waging a civil war, will face it himself. To say that we will stay or they, parties never end, many dirty people have ended.

He further said that we want the election to be held together or separately, while still standing by the statement of conspiracy to kill Imran Khan.

The former minister said that we want to make peace with the institutions on the election date, there is no fight with the army or the establishment, the fight is with those who have looted the wealth of the country and taken it out, the fight is to the extent that they want. Date of election should be given.