Five more arrested in Kasur child abuse scandal


KASUR: Police arrested five more people in the child abuse scandal which jolted the whole world as in Pakistan, at least 280 children were filmed being sexually abused by a gang of 25 men who used the hundreds of videos they produced to blackmail the youngsters’ parents.

Shahbaz Orders JC formation, LHC rejects it

CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif ordered a judicial inquiry into the horrific incident but  Lahore High Court reportedly declined Sharif’s request, saying police should continue their investigation.

The SHO who used to film the complainants

The Station House Officer of the Ganda Singh Pur Mehr Akmal used to make videos of aggrieved families who used to come to his office to register First Information Reports (FIR) of the pain their children had to go through.

The SHO has been suspended but the question that will he be probed for taking part in the heinous crime is unanswered.


A gang of criminals active since 10 years, involved in countless cases of extreme child abuse has come to light in Ganda Singh Wala area of Kasur in Punjab province on Saturday.

Investigations revealed around 400 videos were made of 280 victims of abuse by the gang of over 25 criminals. Several parents of victims were consistently blackmailed and coerced to pay lacs of rupees as they were threatened that the gang would release the videos in public.

Families in the locality are helpless as officials all along have been apathetic to the incidents. District Police Officer (DPO) Kasur, Rai Babar Saeed said that they have recovered 60 to 70 video clips from which the perpetrators are being identified and action will immediately be taken against them.