Fahmida demands to abolish cases on Zulfiqar Mirza


KARACHI: Former  speaker National Assembly  Fahmida Mirza on Tuesday expressed her concerns over security of her husband Dr Zulfiqar Mirza adding that environment has been created in the Badin district to carry out operation there.

In her first ever press conference on her Karachi residence, former speaker said that all the cases registered against Zulfiqar Mirza were false and demanded abolishing  all cases on Zulfiqar Mirza in terrorism charges.

She warned that if cases were not abolish then whole of Badin will give collective arrest.

Fahmidah  said that life of her husband in danger adding that despite Sindh High Court (SHC) orders Sindh government has not been providing security to Zulfiqar Mirza. She also request Supreme Court Chief Justice and Sindh High Court chief justice to take notice of the situation.

Former speaker claimed that lawyers were forced not to plead Mirza cases.

Fahmidah said that there is need of strong Inspector General in Sindh and demanded federal government to appoint politics free IG in Sindh.

She opined that Sindh police have become totally political and urged depoliticize Sindh police.

Wife of Mirza said that our struggle was to strengthen institutions adding that she and her husband rendered sacrifice for Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).