Dangerous disease breaks out in Europe


A dangerous disease called ‘Monkeypox’ has started spreading in the Europe after the global epidemic coronavirus.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, cases of Monkeypox have come to light in Spain and Portugal, while a disease alert has also been issued in the United Kingdom.

Eight people have been infected in Spain, while five have tested positive in Portugal and at least 15 more cases are being investigated.

According to the report, all the people suffering from this disease are young men. It is not yet clear how they got this disease.

Until now, cases of Monkeypox have been limited to travelers returning from West and Central Africa and their relatives where the virus is common. But experts now fear the disease could spread to Europe.

It should be noted that Monkeypox is a rare but dangerous disease in its effects which is found in Central and West Africa.

The disease causes cold-like symptoms and swelling under the armpits. The patient then develops an itch like chicken pox.

The disease is usually transmitted by inhalation, but in this particular case, health officials believe that other people traveling with the patient are not at high risk.