Can’t tell about incoming call during Imran’s press conference: Qureshi

We don't want confrontation with opposition: Qureshi

MULTAN: PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi refused to disclose details about a call received during Imran Khan’s press conference.

In an interview to British Broadcasting Corporation, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that PTI believes that early elections could be held in late September and early October, but if the current government delays, the country will suffer. The Election Commission also confirmed this. He said that early elections are possible within this timeline but at present Asif Zardari is the obstacle in the way of early elections.

He said that Zardari thinks that his party will get nothing except from Sindh in early elections. Asif Zardari wants PML-N to stay in power and make difficult decisions. Zardari wants to be able to get concessions for himself in the coming elections.

Qureshi said that the PPP delegation had asked Nawaz Sharif in London for 10 leaders in Punjab, asking for seats in Punjab.

In an interview given to BBC, Qureshi was also asked about Imran Khan’s call during the press conference and was asked whether the call received during the press conference was a message or a threat? On this Shah Mehmood said that he could not say whose call was received yesterday, adding that he will remain silent on this matter.

He said that if Imran Khan laid his hands on corrupt elements, they were not co-operated with, our only agenda is clean and transparent elections.

He claimed that threatening statements of the interior minister are coming to light. How many people can be arrested, if the nation decides, the jails will fall short.