Alkhidmat taking care of over 1200 orphans in Karachi: Naveed Ali Baig


KARACHI: Alkhidmat Karachi is taking care of 1290 orphans in Karachi through its Orphan Support Program, according to Naveed Ali Baig, CEO Alkhidmat Karachi.

Families of orphans were being supported with Rs4,500 every month and Rs54,000 every year through the Orphan Family Support Program which is part of the overarching Orphan Support Program, the other part being the Aghosh Homes project.

Besides this financial handout to the families of orphans, those mothers who possessed some skills and were interested in working from home were being supported with an interest-free loan of Rs50,000 repayable in easy installments under the Mawakhat program. Naveed Ali said that orphans under Alkhidmat’s care were also being provided religious and moral guidance through programs conducted on special days such as World Haya Day (Modesty Day), World Handwashing day, Iqbal Day, Quaid Day and Ramadan. Besides, these children are taken on study tours to historical places as well as on recreational trips for entertainment as part of a complete program of education and moral guidance.

During the two Eids too, these children are not forgotten and Alkhidmat arranges gifts for them so that they can share in the celebrations. For the forthcoming Eid-ul-Fitr, Alkhidmat has arranged an Eid Gift Package worth Rs4,000 each for these children.

Naveed Ali stressed on the noble purposes of this effort which has seen orphan children achieve educational success and high positions in life, and appealed to those with means to come forward and assist Alkhidmat Karachi in its efforts for orphans.