Indian Muslim teacher celebrating Pakistan’s victory fired


RAJASTHAN: A Muslim teacher celebrating the victory of Pakistan cricket team in India has been fired.

After Pakistan’s victory,  Hindu extremists in India have gone out of control.  The extremists have begun venting their anger of the Indian cricket team’s defeat on their own Muslim citizens.

According to the foreign news agency, a Muslim female teacher teaching in a private school in Rajasthan, India, expressed her happiness over the victory of the Pakistani team on WhatsApp status.

Nafisa Attari, a teacher at the Neerja Modi School, shared a photo of Babar and Rizwan during the match and happily wrote, “We won.”

Seeing the teacher’s WhatsApp status, the parents of one of his students asked her: “Do you support Pakistan or India?” In response, the teacher mentioned Pakistan.

Later, the student’s parents send screenshot and chat of their status to the school administration. The school management taking action on the complaint of the student’s parents fired the Muslim teacher.