Price of ghee hiked by Rs96 per kg, cooking oil Rs97 per litre at Utility Stores

ISLAMABAD: Prices of various daily use essential items have been increased at the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (USC).
In this connection, the USC has issued a notification on Tuesday.
According to the notification, prices of ghee of various brands have increased by Rs96 per kilogram and cooking oil upto Rs97 per litre. Price of corn cooking oil has jumped from Rs500 per litre to to Rs870. Soaps of various brands had hiked from Rs3 to 10 while that of tissue papers and napkins from Rs3 to 19. Prices of washing soaps increased by Rs22, toilet cleaners and bleach from Rs4 to 12, milk cream by Rs10,
It added that Rs40 has been increased in the price of tea whitener weighing 1.2 kilograms.
Prices of small packs of custard and Kheer of various brands had hiked by Rs10.