No similarity between statements of Afghan ambassador’s daughter and probe findings: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is no similarity between the point of view of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador and the findings of the investigation.

Talking to Afghan journalists, PM Imran Khan said that there are details of safe city cameras related to the daughter of the Afghan ambassador. The details of the taxi and its  driver in which the ambassador’s daughter traveled were also available, but the statements of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter and the taxi driver are different.

The prime minister said that according to the ambassador’s daughter, he was abducted and tortured in a taxi, while according to the camera footage, the Afghan ambassador’s daughter was sitting comfortably in the taxi. There is a contradiction between the interrogation and the position of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that after the withdrawal of US and Nato forces from Afghanistan, Islamabad cannot be blamed for any action of the Taliban in Kabul.

“My government is not a spokesperson for the Taliban. Pakistan has nothing to do with what the group are doing or not doing. We are not responsible for their actions,” Imran cleared.

The prime minister’s statement was a part of Pakistan’s repeated warnings that Islamabad will not take responsibility for any disruption in the Afghan peace process.