What You Should Know About Chaunsa Mango


KARACHI: Chaunsa is a variety of mango that is originally produced in Rahim Yar Khana and Multan.

It is believed as one of the worlds’top available varieties.

Chaunsa’s ripening season is between June and August. However, the variety is often available in the market untill late September.

A trader, who owns a cold-storage in Multan, told Jasarat.com said that Chaunsa, which has tempting aroma and deliciously soft, is usually in high demand in the months of June and July. He added that the fruit is dispatched to various parts of country and exported to other countries after keeping it in huge storage trunks initially.

He said that Chaunsa, which has succulent flesh and is low in fibre but is loaded with vitamins, is among the most loved varieties of Pakistani mangoes in the west.