Covid-19: EFP lauds govt’s efforts to vaccinate masses


KARACHI (PR): Ismail Suttar, President of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, appreciated the efforts of the government, the Health Ministry and National Command Operation Centre (NCOC) as well as the provincial authorities in making excellent arrangements for the general public in providing vaccine shots.

In a statement, EFP president said that it was exemplary that the authorities have dedicated expo centres, stadiums, civil hospitals, university departments, arts councils, and railway dispensaries for vaccination shows true commitment on part of the authorized in prioritizing the lives of the citizens.

Ismail Suttar said that with every passing day Pakistan is breaking its previous record of single-day death counts. The business community must realize this and not treat the vaccine as a commodity whenever it is opened for private import and distribution.

He also felicitated the Government in having successfully negotiated with the Chinese on procurement of COVID doses and is hopeful that the recent visit of the Russian Foreign Minister, will act as a catalyst in achieving an even greater mark of inoculated citizens.

Mr. Suttar further said that The Employers’ Federation of Pakistan(EFP) congratulates the Government on offering first-class treatment to all citizens – a practice adopted by advanced countries like the United States and Canada, for example.