Kabul Blasts kills four, including local police chief


Kabul: Four people including police chief were killed while six people were injured in three bomb blast in just one hour in Afghanistans capital Kabul, here on Wednesday.

According to Afghan media,First blast hits the ministry of labour’s vehicle and second and third blasts targeted police chief’s vehicles,while the blasts killed  three people including police chief and six people were injured.

As per foreign media the districts police chief’s car was blown up in the Baraki area of Kabul that killed the police chief with his two guards while two people were injured.

Earlier,the police vehicle were also targeted in the Qala-e-Abdul Ali area of ​​Kabul in which no casualities were reported,while the third blast targeted the government’s vehicle that injured four people.

No group has yet claimed the responsibility of these three blasts .

It is to be mention here that two woman judges were killed and two people were injured in an attack on a woman judge vehicle in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.