Yemen Houthi rebels got big relief


Washington: The Jo Biden administration made a major decision regarding on Yemen’s houthi rebels, here on Saturday.

According to foreign news agency the new American administration has decided to take back the decision of former American President Trump and has agreed to remove Yemen’s houthi rebels from the list of terrorist.

As per media reports the American state department has confirmed this big decision on houthi rebels of Yemen, after the day when President Jo Biden announcement that he would not support the Yemen war.

Last day US president had Opposed the military strikes on Yemen led by Saudia Arab

Officials said that,this decision regarding the houthis movement is due to consequence of the human crisis due to the last time of US administration ,which the UN and Human Rights groups also made clear that it would create the worst human crisis  in the world and UN has described Yemen the worst humanitarian crises in the world in which 80 percent of the people are needy.

The UN said on former President decision that this new policies will push Yemen into a famine that had never been seen in 40 years.

The United Nations welcomed the decision of US administration and said that this decision will give relief to the millions of Yemeni citizens who depends on human help and the commercial imports meet their basic need.

It is to be mention here that the decision on the houthi rebels were made on final moments of former president Trump’s presidency and former secretary of state Mike Pompio had blacklisted the houthi rebels the day before  Jo Biden took over.