Arabic language should be compulsory in educational institutions


Islamabad:Unanimously bill was passed to make Arabic language compulsory in educational institutions,in a senate meeting.

According to media reports, Muslim league senator Jawed Abbasi presented this bill,which was approved by majority opinion by senate members.

The bill states that, Arabic should be taught from one to five class, From six to eleven class Arabic grammer should be taught, The concerns ministers will ensure the implementation on the bill in six months.

Senator Jawed abbasi said that,Quran and Namaz are recited in Arabic, It is the fifth largest language in the world, Arabic is the national language of more than 25 countries, If we understand the Quran we will not go through the problems which we are going through.

He further said that, I’m in favor in all language, Russian, English and Spanish should be taught in educational institution, No one objected to be taught English, If our people learned Arabic than Pakistani will get employement in Middle East.

PPP senator Raza Rabbani expressed his reservation on the bill, He said that, We are muslim, We do not need any certificate, State of Pakistan has been trying to be romeved the diverse culture but the history and culture will not removed by articficial methods, The bill effects the regional languages.

While the federal minister Ali Muhammad Khan said that, I oppose the opinion of Raza Rabbani, Its important to understand the Arabic language for understanding the message of ALLAH, Article 31 of  constitution said that, Efforts should be made for lived life according to Quran and Sunnah.