PPP workers clashed with Police


Multan: PPP Workers clashed with Police before the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Multan rally.

Pakistan Peoples Party’s rally led by Musa Gilaani,has remove the obstacle and enter teh Killa Kehna stadium.PPP workers broke the locks of gate and took over the management venue.

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz),Jamiat-Ulmai-Islam (F) and other parties involved in PDM are present in a venue.

PPP workers clashed with Police outside the venue.Police have siezed the crane brought to remove the container and have been asked for reinforcement.

Before that Deputy Commissioner Multan Amir Khatak had rejected the request of PDM rally on 30 November.Deputy Commissioner said that,Punjab government has banned the public gatherings due to covid-19.PDM rally will lead to an increse in coronavirus cases.