RAW agent arrested


Karachi: The Anti-terrorism wing of  Federal Investigation agency (FIA) has arrested the agent of Indian intelligence agency by taking action in the city.

According to FIA, accused Abdul Jabbar alias Zafar tension was arrested from Gulistan-e-Jauhar, he is expert in making bomb and specialists in modern weapons.

Accused Abdul Jabbar was arrested by Anti-Terrorism wing from Gulistan-Jauhar.

FIA officials said that, Abdul Jabbar is from MQM London,the accused was involve in the attack on the member of  MQM(HAQEEQI).

FIA also said that, Accused had went to India 4 times for martial training and worked for Raw sleeper cell’s in Karachi.

Few months ago FIA while taking successfull operation and arrested the sleeper cells agent of Indian intelligence agency Raw.

Accused also did a Govt Job  in fire brigade.According to FIA, accused was belong to MQM London while he was also involved in bombing and target killing.

According to sources,two money exchange employees were  arrested for providing funds to sleeper cell’s of  RAW.the money was provided to country’s enemy elements through Hawala-Hundi.The information of other associates of  accused has been provided to all airports of the country.

Laptop and mobile phones were recovered from arrested accused.