More than 4 people dead and 140 affected by corona.


Islamabad:Corona cases were rises in the capital territory Islamabad and during last 24 hours more than 4 people lost there life and 140 more cases were reported.

Accoroding to the Latest data realeased by District Health Officer(DHO) on the social networking site Twitter that,4704 tested have been conducted during the last 24 hours and out of which 140 people have been tested positive.

He said that,among those affected by corona has 78 man and 62 womans. he also said that 129 people have affected by corona in Islamabad last day.

Keep in mind,last day after the corona cases came to light 3 private educational institution had been sealed.

Before that 46 educational institution were sealed when corona cases were reported while 17 educational institution have also been desealed.