Islamabad High Court summons Nawaz Sharif through advertisement


Islamabad: Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif summons through advertisement and the advertisement was displayed in the Islamabad high court and Nawaz Sharif had to be appear in court on 24 November.

Nawaz Sharif summons through advertisement was published by a local news paper two days ago and the advertisement copies was pasted at high court door’s.

Keep in mind that Govt published the advertisement in newspaper’s for calling Nawaz Sharif in Al-Aziziya steel mills and Awen field refrences.

These advertisement is published by Govt order in a local newspaper’s.

The advertisement published in a newspaper’s said that,on 6 July 2018 Nawaz Sharif punished by 10 years prison and 8 million pound penalty.

Advertisement further said that Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from participating in the election.

The advertisement is also said that on 19 of September 2018 Nawaz Sharif was realesed on bail after the suspended by punishment in Awen fields but the appeal is pending and he was punctual to present at court.

The advertisement  is also said that Nawaz Sharif is punished by 7 years of prison and 1.5 billion rupees of penalty in Al-Aziziya references and Nawaz  Sharif’s 8 weeks bail was granted in Al-Aziziya references.

Nawaz Sharif’s arrest warrant was issued due to ensure of his presence but this could not be happen, said in the published advertisement