Announcement of aid for needy journalists

Shibli Faraz

Karachi: Federal Minister for Information, Shibli Faraz, President(Karachi Press club) Imtiaz Khan Faran and Secretary(Karachi Press club)  Arman Sabir has announce to help financially for the needy journalists.

During the recent visit of Shibli Faraz to the Karachi press club.The Federal Minister and President of KPC and Secretary of KPC has announce  financial assistance for the severely ill journalists,Shibli Faraz has prepared sops for the financial assistance of the journalists and issued a notification..

According to the notification,the journalists in need can submit their application to the relevant press clubs. The PID(Pakistan Information Department)  will check the application and its recommendations and will forward it to Federal Ministry of Information. Financial assistance will also be provided to their relatives in case of a journalist’s death or serious illness.

Copy of National Id card along with financial aid application, bank account number, hospital medical certificate in case of illness, death certificate verified from nadra and family registration certificate must be submitted.

According to the notification, during the duty time any incident, riot and in terrorist act the loss of any organ of body and get disability in the accident financial assistance will be provided.Patients of cancer,liver and kidney disorders, and heart will also get the financial assistance.

The committee will decide on the basis of merit and final approval will given by the finance division on the recommendation of committee for the journalists financial assistance and after the use of financial aid, it will have to submit an audit statement.

The amount of financial aid will be determined by the committee and it will not be more than RS 5 lakh.