Didn’t give any NOC for the islands, Murad Ali Shah


Jacobabad: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the sindh government has not issued any NOC for the islands.

CM said while talking to media  at Jakhrani House, that the letter tweeted by Federal Minister of maritime affairs Ali Zaidi was not an NOC. The occupation of the island has been rejected by the Sindh Government, local people have the only right on the islands. We said that the development plan should be made.

He also stated that,Federal government has hidden presidential ordinance for about one month and when we saw this ordinance is based on bad faith, we rejected this ordinance from Sindh cabinet and for twelve years we have been in power and we are keeping an eye on everything.

Murad Ali Shah furtherly said that, the law and order situation in Sindh is now better than ever.The conditions that were in the year 2006 and 2007 are no longer. We first made peace in the villages and then worked to eliminate terrorists and miscreants.

He also added that the opposition alliance of Pakistan democratic moment is united at this time and it will be proven in the Karachi rally on  the 18th of October.

Shah also said,that there is peace now in Karachi which has come from the efforts of Sindh government.

CM also qouted that, “Earlier time people used to come from Karachi to Jacobabad as Convoys and now the situation is better”.