LHC says police system has failed


ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court expressing anger over the report on the Motorway gang-rape case said that prima facie the police system had failed in the country.

Earlier, the DIG Legal had submitted a report on the Motorway rape case to the court.

The LHC Chief Justice observed that if such an incident occurs on a road or a motorway then it’s responsibility lies on a government. The government should pay a compensation to the victim if such an incident takes place.

The state lawyer told the court that the government was going to ensure an effective patrolling everywhere.

The Punjab police informed the court that an effective system of patrolling exists in the province.

“I want people’s security. Your old patrolling security system has failed. Tell the court how many hours the Punjab IG and his officers will patrol daily? the LHC Chief Justice remarked.