EFP demands federal govt’s intervention in restoration of gas supply to Balochistan


Karachi: Ismail Suttar, President of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP), has resentfully concluded that the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is either incompetent or under pressure from unknown players despite the consistent pushing by stakeholders for days over record low-pressure ahead of winters.

In the past, due to negligence, nepotism and deep-rooted corruption, Pakistanis have never been able to benefit from the treasure of 217 million tons of coal and mineral reserves of the province. As a result, the GDP contribution of Balochistan has remained subpar at 6 percent. Another reason is the inequitable distribution of resources and one of these is supply of gas. The boilers are not receiving desired pressure that has significantly impacted production, on which millions of white-collar jobs and billions in export revenue depend.

Ismail recalled that earlier the SSGC had inadvertently cut supply of gas for industries in Hub without prior notification and today there is issue of low pressure or no gas at all. In August 2020, alone, there was a gas shortage of 410 hours. Whereas, in September, so far the number is 320 hours and counting.

Where there is dire need for rapid industrialization, monopolists like SSGC are acting as impediments, Ismail proclaimed, and Federal Government must come in action before there is a reaction by industrialists.

The EFP Chief, reiterated his earlier concern of Government prioritizing provision of gas to CNG consumers and not industries. This has to stop. One CNG consumer burning his rickshaw is enough for the federal government to resume supplies to CNG in the past but has no concern for the hundreds of industries standing shut with thousands of workers unemployed. It is time all provinces must be dealt with equality in terms of Gas Supply Pressure at least. Entire Pakistan has been taking advantage of the Sui gas and the people of the province of Sui are being forced to shut down their factories this is not fair with the people of Balochistan.