Israel in secret talks with several Arab countries: PM Netanyahu


Tel Aviv: Israel has been in secret talks with several Arab and Muslims countries to establish ties.

This was stated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the eve of the maiden commercial flight to UAE.

He said that to establish relations there are more unpublicised meeting with the Muslim and Arab countries.

Last week, the UAE had lifted its boycott of Israel following an agreement to restore bilateral relations with Tel Aviv.

According to foreign news agency, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Caliph Zaid bin Nahyan, had issued an order approving lifting of the boycott of Israel and signing trade and economic agreements with it.

The UAE state media said that the order of Khalifa Zaid bin Al Nahyan is aimed at further enhancing cooperation between the two countries under the bilateral relations agreement.

Meanwhile, the first commercial flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates will be landing in Abu Dhabi today.