Mohammed bin Salman wants ties with Israel but his father King Salman opposes


Riyadh: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is willing to normalise ties with Israel but facing opposition from his father King Salman.

This has been revealed by Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

The newspaper reported that there is a disagreement currently in the kingdom between the Crown Prince and his father, King Salman, over normalisation of ties between the two countries.

Crown Prince bin Salman shows greater opennes on peace agreements with Tel Aviv but the King Salman opposes them.

Earlier in the day, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that Tel Aviv has been in secret talks with several Arab and Muslims countries to establish ties.

He stated this on the eve of the maiden commercial flight to UAE.

He said that to establish relations there are more unpublicised meeting with the Muslim and Arab countries.

Last week, the UAE had lifted its boycott of Israel following an agreement to restore bilateral relations with Tel Aviv.