Erdogan says Turkey to stand with Palestine

Photo courtesy Twitter.

ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey is with Palestine.

“I have asked my foreign minister to hold consultations on either suspending diplomatic relations or calling back ambassador from the UAE,” Erdogan said in a statement.

The Muslim countries have strongly condemned the UAE’s deal with Israel, establishing formal diplomatic relations.

After the UAE-Israel deal, Palestine has called back its envoy from the middle eastern country as a protest.

Meanwhile, according to Turkish media, the Foreign Ministry spokesman responded by saying that the UAE had betrayed the Palestinian cause for limited interests.

The spokesman said that the conscience of the people will not forget the hypocritical attitude of the UAE.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that the reconciliation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates would be a dark chapter in the history of the Palestinian people and their rights.

Earlier, the United Arab Emirates had established formal ties with Israel.

The two countries have signed a deal leading to complete normalisation of diplomatic ties.

The deal has been brokered by US President Donald Trump.

After Jordon and Egypt, the UAE is the third middle eastern country to establish formal ties with Israel.

Speaking to media in Tel Aviv, Israeli PM Netanyaho said that he had agreed to ‘delay’ the annexation under the deal signed with the UAE. However, he said that the ‘plan’ is remained ‘on the table’.