VIDEO: World’s unique cricket ground in Pakistan


Abbotabad: Pakistanis are so keen on cricket that they can find a place to play cricket anywhere.

On the social networking site Twitter, cricketers Shoaib Akhter, Ramiz Raja and a user named Shakir Abbasi shared videos in which locals can be seen playing cricket matches on the occasion of Eid in Abbotabad.

The user wrote in his tweet that “I am going to show a unique ground here that you have never seen before.”

The user tagged the International Cricket Council (ICC) in his tweet and said, “You must watch this video till the end so that you can know the sentiments of Pakistanis for cricket.”

After the end of the match, cricket fans enjoying the match in the distant hills congratulate and celebrate the winning team while the supporters of the losing team run to the venue and express their happiness locally.

The user wrote that cricket fans have never seen such a scene before.

Cricketer Shoaib Akhter and Ramiz Raja has also shared this video.