Karachi to receive more rain today


Karachi: The Met Office has forecast heavy rain with thunder in Karachi today.

According to the Meteorological Department, low pressure is moving west from the North Arabian Sea, which may lead to thundershowers in Karachi today.

According to Dr. Abdul Qayyum, Director, Meteorological Department, the intensity of the monsoon system is still intact and the rain system has spread to Balochistan.

The Meteorological Department said the monsoon system will start weakening after rains today, but drizzle and light rain is also expected in Karachi tomorrow.

The current temperature in the city is 29 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is likely to be up to 37 degrees Celsius.

Meteorological officials say winds from the northeast are blowing at a speed of 27 kilometers per hour and the humidity is 88 percent.