Do you know how many Pakistanis have laptops?


Karachi: The Gallup Data Analytics has recently conducted a survey on laptops and tablets in Pakistan.

Gallup’s Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey found that only 7 per cent of Pakistanis have laptops, while 2 per cent have tablets.

The main purpose of this recent Gallup survey was to study the effects of the coronavirus epidemic in Pakistan, how the epidemic made smartphones and other devices a necessity instead of a luxury, and how many people in the country own laptops and tablets.

The survey is conducted every two years by the Bureau of Statistics of Pakistan and covers more than 24,000 families and more than 115,000 people.

If 7 per cent of Pakistanis who have laptops are broken down on a regional basis, then according to statistics, 2 per cent of people in Balochistan have laptops.

Similarly, a total of 5 per cent of people from Islamabad and Karachi have laptops, mostly from urban Sindh and Punjab.